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Safety and comfort are two major concerns for the personnel working the back of the house and ventilation is particularly important in addressing these issues. Properly ventilated kitchens more efficiently remove heat, grease and odors which helps to make the kitchen a more pleasant working environment while also helping to make your customers' dining experience more enjoyable.

Our consultants will help you in deciding what the best hood styles are for your current or desired equipment layout and will coordinate with the ventilation contractor as to how much air needs to be removed and replenished by each hood and make up air system depending on the size of your kitchen and dish machine. Nations KEC represents a select group of high quality hood and ventilation system manufacturers that will exceed your expectations and leave your diners and staff comfortable, safe and happy.


  • Exhaust Hoods

  • Exhaust Fans

  • Water Wash Hoods

  • Fully Integrated Self Cleaning System

  • Condensate Hoods

  • Energy Management Systems

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