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Construction Plans
Consulting Services


At no initial cost, we fully engage our clients order to completely understand the operational needs and production goals of their project. We begin the design process, offering suggestions from our years of experience and focusing on every detail of the project until we arrive at an initial design layout.

Nations KEC provides consultation services that include:

Initial Design Layout-

  • Space Planning

  • Equipment Selection

  • Improve Operational Flow & Function

  • Construction Cost/Benefit Ratio

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We work with architects and designers to develop a conceptual plan. Nations KEC is involved with franchisors and owners developing an efficient flow for the space and meeting health department codes and requirements. We coordinate with engineers to develop MEP roughin data including submitting equipment specifications along with mechanical exhaust hood, beer system, and walk in cooler submissions. Nations ensures plans address cost/benefit ratio and allow for smooth operational flow. We provide a final review of architectural/MEP/KEC plans for accuracy, consistency and completeness. 


Even if you have a crystal-clear vision, the actual process of designing a commercial kitchen and creating plans that can be handed off to your building team can be challenging. Nations KEC is the firm to help you design it. That way, you’ll have a dedicated team of professionals who know the process. Our team's collective experience within all industry segments allows us to understand the challenges that exist in each project. We employ this knowledge to anticipate problems before they occur to avoid potential expensive fixes.

Our driving objective in each project is to embrace the challenge of blending the operational and aesthetic needs of the client with their budget and scope of work. During the process of designing the workspace, the following considerations are taken into account:

  • Space Planning/Conceptual Design

  • Roughin Set

  • Finalizing Plans

  • Completed Design

  • Coordinate Other Store Opening Issues

  • Close Out Documents

kitchen consulting


With our Stainless Steel Fabrication we work with clients to develop and approve shop drawings of custom stainless-steel products.  All fabrication takes place in-house from raw material.  We have skilled tradesmen that perfect quality manufactured products.  Capability to streamline the process to be competitive in the industry.  Knowledgeable  staff creates our capability to provide customized solutions to fit any client's needs.

Jim Nations is a licensed mechanical contractor.  Nations KEC provides a complete installation of kitchen exhaust systems including fully welded duct work and MAU ducting, while working with inspectors for fully certified systems.  The company also secures mechanical services and products such as gas piping and HVAC, including remote pipe and charge for refrigeration.

   Our building team will ensure your commercial kitchen equipment is installed and ready for use.

Your project is in good hands, whether you’re building a new space or renovating an old one.

We'll turn your kitchen design into a reality.

  • Schedules set to fit your timeline

  • Equipment staged in our warehouses until installation

  • Set-in-place service or final connection provided on all equipment


Nations KEC manages the project in conjunction with the general contractor, architect, mechanical engineer and other trades as owner representative. We coordinate existing conditions against permit set to review unforeseen issues and address them promptly to minimize construction costs. Nations KEC manages the construction schedule with the general contractor while ensuring a timely turnover. Additional project management includes review and approval of millwork drawings for fit and function of kitchen equipment, handling kitchen equipment RFI's, detail information and addressing questions regarding kitchen equipment to trades. Nations ensures the division of responsibilities are complete and reduces the need for change orders or delays due to missed responsibilities for job completion. 

Nations KEC provides an in depth service to restauranteurs that take their concept all the way to the grand opening.  We work directly with the architects, engineers, brands, vendors, general contractors, and clients in processing the development of their projects. This service helps clients navigate successfully through coordination of store opening issues.

Our team has the capability to execute any and all of the following tasks:


  • Field measurements

  • Site verification

  • Equipment procurement

  • Consolidation

  • Warehousing/Storage

  • Management of project timeline

  • Project meetings

  • Coordination of efforts with all trades

  • Delivery to site

  • Installation

  • Removal and disposal of old equipment

  • Provide owner with As-Built Documents

and Operation & Maintenance Manuals

  • Equipment startup program

  • Training for operators on usage of specialty equipment

  • Management of manufacturers' warranty program

  • Working with Purveyor to coordinate install

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